The crowds really flocked to the BAU 2017 trade fair in Munich.

BAU 2017
Top novelties at the BAU 2017

Every two years come January, the halls at the Munich trade fair ground fill to bursting: Because that is when the BAU opens its doors, again – the world’s largest construction trade fair. We checked everything out and have selected the most important novelties for you here.
by Robert Volhard | 1/21/2017
Cubes as ceiling elements at OWA

OWA: ceiling worlds

Using the ceiling elements from OWA’s new “Corpus” series you can create veritable ceiling worlds. White cubes with surfaces covered with non-woven fabric and available in different sizes can simply be combined to provide a broad range of different ceiling design options.


Walk-on glazing by Heliobus

Heliobus: Light from above

Swiss corporation Heliobus has now received general certification from the German building authorities for its walkable “Glassfloor” skylight. The sill-free skylights mean that now rooms that are located beneath spaces that can be walked over or even driven over can benefit from natural daylight. The glazing is waterproof, tamper-proof and is available in a heat-insulating version to the Minergie standard.


Anthracite-colored shower drain by Dallmer
Black Vola shower hose

Dallmer and Vola: showers in black

Dallmer is now marketing its design shower drains with a high-grade PVD surface in an anthracite color. Moreover, the units are likewise available in red-gold and bronze. Vola is fielding a shower house that is completely black, and for which all the metal parts are also matt black thanks to the special PVD coating.


Mood-boards as planning assistant – courtesy of Jung

Jung: planning moods

Jung presented a new planning tool. At its booth, the manufacturer highlighted a modular set consisting of various specimen materials. Tiles, woods and textiles can be combined together with Jung products to create individualized mood-boards. In the course of planning, color nuances can thus easily be calibrated to go with each other and new combinations be playfully tried out.


Finger-trap protection for the Colt solar shading louvers

Colt: Finger-trap protection

A the BAU 2017, Colt launched an invisible innovation that substantially enhances product safety: the manufacturer’s rotatable vertical louvers that serve as solar shading when integrated into the façade now come with an electronic finger-trap protection. If they encounter resistance, the louvers stop automatically and return to their prior position.


Gira E2 in high-grade steel

Gira: high-grade steel

Gira’s booth at the BAU focused not only on its Homeserver X1, which we have highlighted in detail here, but also on the new high-grade steel version of its classic E2 switches. In this way, the line is for the first time being expanded to include a version not made of thermoplastic. The clear design vocabulary of the E2 series, first marketed back in 1998, emphasizes the high-quality appeal of the high-grade steel.


“Licrivision” by Merck turns windows opaque whenever required.

Merck: Intelligent glass

In Munich, Merck spotlighted the latest development in its liquid crystal window glass, “Licrivision” – the glass features a highly efficient self-shading technology. Practical tests in everyday life are already running on two of the corporation’s buildings at its headquarters in Darmstadt. At the fair, a model façade consisting of triangular window elements underscored the elegance and design flexibility of the “Licrivision” solution.


Bi-folding glass doors by Solarlux

​Solarlux: Wall of light

Solarlux showcased the latest generation of its bi-folding glass doors. With a panel intersection of only 99 millimeter, when the bi-folding glass doors are closed the view of the outside world is just about as perfectly transparent as it is when they are open. Available with a maximum height of 3.5 meters so that entire walls of rooms can be transformed into folding glass surfaces.


Needled carpet mosaic at the Findeisen trade-fair booth

Findeisen: durable textile tiles

At a booth inspired by Moroccan courtyards, the needled carpet tile specialist Findeisen spotlighted its new “Finett Dimension”, the first carpet tile made entirely from polyamide and with a backing that requires no heavy coating. The tiles are not glued to the floor, but simply fixed in place and can therefore be removed again at will. The material used for them guarantees their durability which parallels that of sheet carpeting.


Great angle: “Slope” by Sky-Frame
Slender appearance: “Inline” by Sky-Frame

Sky-Frame: a matter of angle

Swiss corporation Sky-Frame presented its “Inline” façade system. By virtue of using filigree posts that are only 30 millimeters wide, the glass walls with their frameless fixed glass panels seem to not be interrupted at all. Moreover, rigid glass areas can be combined with sliding elements. Also on show for the first time: the new, visually spectacular “Slope” sliding windows that can be angled by 20 degrees inwards or outwards. The product nevertheless boasts exactly the same technical and functional qualities as Sky-Frame’s other sliding windows.


“Flashy Asphalt Grey” – the new linoleum pattern from DLW.

DLW: Call of the North

An homage to Nordic interior architecture: DLW’s “Scandinavian Collection”, which stretches to no less than 19 different shades of grey. The special highlights of the collection: the completely newly developed “Wave”, “Lino Art Bronce” and “Flashy Asphalt Grey” designs. The latter emphasizes the basic grey by adding strong yellow sprinkles and alluding to the contrast between asphalt and those yellow roadside lines. Other novelties include the elastic floor coverings in the “Favorite Pur with Sanitized” series developed specially for the healthcare sector and featuring a special hygiene function.


Room designs centering on the round version of the “Rugxstile” carpet from Object Carpet

Object Carpet: the single from the album

Floor covering manufacturer Object Carpet has developed the matching “Rugxstile” on the basis of its successful “Freestile” fitted carpet range: the novelty is on show at both the BAU 2017 and the imm cologne 2017. Since of the vibrant patterns already available with “Freestile” have now been revisited for “Rugxstile” and are each on offer in two color variants respectively. You can choose from two rectangular and one round basic shape.


“Ticell-N” ceiling cladding by Durlum

Durlum: Exciting open-cell ceiling

Durlum’s “Ticell-N” open-cell metal ceiling consists of perforated single-blade louvers, the punched 3D patterns creating an exciting ceiling accent overall. For all the refined appearance, “Ticell-N” can conceal all those annoying technical fixtures – tucking them away in the false ceiling while at the same time remaining translucent. This successful design has another special feature: Thanks to their special finishing, the punched edges of the louvers reflect light so that the ceiling seems even more visually airy.


Ecological hemp insulation “Capatect Natur+” by Caparol

Caparol: Hemp is tranquil

A natural insulation system made of hemp natural fibers has been launched by Caparol under the brand name “Capatect Natur+” – a true world first. The hemp is procured from local growers and then processed to a high ecological standard; the insulating panels therefore have a positive carbon dioxide balance throughout the manufacturing process. Alongside outstanding insulating qualities as cold-proofing, hemp also serves to dampen noise.


A Velcro mechanism holds the façade panels in place for Sto’s “StoSystain R” system.

Sto: Façade with Velcro fasteners

Sto has floated a new world first: the “StoSystain R” system. The panelized heat insulation system is mounted using Velcro fastening and without glues, meaning it can be perfectly removed and recycled. The insulating material is first fastened with screwed holders onto the wall. The key feature of the system: a new Velcro fastening system developed together with Graz Technical University and used to then fix the façade panels in place. The partners filed four patents applications as part of the development work.


Great choice of colors: Simonswerk hinges

Simonswerk: colored hinges

At its trade-fair booth, Simonswerk presented a real eye-catcher: door hinges in colors such as champagne, rose gold and metallic blue. In this way, the company from Rheda-Wiedenbrück emphasized once again its great expertise in handling colored metal surfaces.


The elegant “Konvex-Glas” skylights from Velux

Velux: Curved skylights

Velux is presenting its new “Konvex-Glas” windows for flat roofs. The outstanding feature of the model is the slightly convex curve to the sill-free glass, off which the rain water runs swiftly and easily. The appealing design of the window means it is destined for applications where it is also visible from the outside. Moreover, the triple glazing delivers good insulating values. “Konvex-Glas” can be used for roofs with angles of up to 15 degrees.


The Okasolar 3D by Okalux is both light source and sun protection at once

Okalux: Light falls through the grid

Okalux is highlighting the latest member of the Okasolar family at its booth. In the case of Okasolar 3D, which was specially developed for glazed roofs, a highly reflective, three-dimensional grid is inserted into the space between the panes. It prevents the direct incidence of sunlight and at the same time ensures that the maximum diffuse light possible enters the interior.


Das Schüco Parametric System setzt den Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für Fassaden kaum Grenzen.

Schüco: Freie Fassaden

Schüco präsentierte auf der BAU 2017 das Schüco Parametric System als konsequente Weiterentwicklung seiner Systemfassaden. Das Schüco Parametric Sytem verknüpft eine dreidimensionale und ultraflexible Fassadenarchitektur mit allen Vorteilen der geprüften Schüco Systemlösung – damit sich geometrisch frei gestaltbare Gebäudehüllen einfach und wirtschaftlich realisieren lassen.