Topped our expactations
Jan 21, 2014

At the Domotex 2014 exhibitors were for the first time able to submit their novelties in advance to be judged by a jury of experts. The selected products for the "Innovations@Domotex" from the fields of carpets, elastic floor coverings, parquet and laminated wood as well as modern hand-made carpets were creatively staged in three special zones in halls 6, 9 and 17. Intended as a red thread running through the fair, they gave visitors a fast fix on the year’s highlights and trends. Michiko Wemmje, Stylepark, spoke with exhibitors and visitors on the new concept for “Innovations@Domotex”:

ready have something completely new again.”
lection for special zones really makes sense. You need to filter things as otherwise visitors would swiftly get submerged under the thousands of patterns and specimens.”
d like to see there being a winner among the selected innovations.”
, and there’s room for improvement there. But the visitors liked it a lot and we’re glad we participated. Clients see our carpets in the special zone and then come to our booth, and of course that’s great.”
e new concept was very well received. We specifically presented our new product in the special zone as well. Next time, maybe there could be patterns and specimens to take away, too. At any rate, we met our targets this year.”
gain. It’s great to be there.”

“It is better if the carpet lie flat.” (Daniele).

the Innovations@Domotex. We would most certainly participated again and it’s pretty important for us as we’re known in our sector as innovation drivers.”
products. It would be good if at the Wood Flooring Summit there were more information on the products. If we have a new product then we would most certainly take part again, after all it’s publicity for free.”
companies that I find interesting.”
rsquo;t absorb anything anymore.”
A preselection such as here in the special zone isn’t really relevant for us wholesalers and retailers, we have our clients and they’ll drop by the booth whatever.”
e innovations in one and the same place.”