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Sunbathing and a speedboat

The Ikador boutique hotel not far from Opatija in Croatia offers its guests a lounge that was inspired by the legendary Riva yachts. Umbrellas by TUUCI harmonize perfectly with the extravagant yet comfortable terrace concept.

Any hotelier who is justly proud of his hotel makes sure it belongs to “The Leading Hotels of the World”, an international alliance numbering some 400 members – all of them first-class hotels. And just six of them are located in Croatia. One of these is in the small town Ika on the Istrian riviera; Ikador, a boutique hotel complete with spa and ideal conditions for sunbathing. In the background you see the mountains covered in greenery of the Istrian riviera while the resort itself together with landscaped grounds, pool, sundeck and its own landing stage faces the picturesque Croatian coast. Guests who would like to explore the Adria from the turquoise-colored water have the option of using the hotel’s own speedboat by Riva. Those looking for something calmer but nonetheless stylish can relax on the hotel terrace, also known as the “Riva Lounge”. As its name suggests, the design of the lounge was inspired by the classic Riva look. The Italian cult brand motorboats and launches – the company has been in existence since the 1940s – are a symbol for superlatives and have captivated the super stars like Sean Connery, Elizabeth Taylor or Brigitte Bardot: The yachts are renowned for their generous lengths, the finest materials, sophisticated hand-crafted details and are associated not least of all with a luxurious, excessive lifestyle. A glamorous image that is intended to rub off on the hotel.

On the sunny side

Apropos sunshine: With 200 days of sun a year and temperatures that are often around 30 degrees, Croatia’s coast offers excellent conditions for both bathing and sunbathing. So, it’s only natural that special attention was paid to the hotel’s outdoor area. The sundeck harmonizes perfectly with the stone formations on the coastline so typical for Croatia and with its loungers invites guests to take an extended sunbath. By contrast, the Riva Lounge located in the hotel garden around the swimming pool serves as a marvelous meeting place where the stylish, chrome-plated furniture and the nearby yacht compete to see who can outshine the other. Special sunshades were needed for these areas, and not only special as regards design but also sturdy enough to withstand the weather conditions on the coast. TUUCI’s “Bay Master M1” models reliably cope with sun and wind – and added to which they cut an exceptionally fine figure: Thanks to their aluminum struts they ensure durability while their delicate, minimalist appearance and the gray-beige canopy means they harmonize subtly with the wood and stone setting. Simple handling makes them easy to use. As such, the parasols are equally convenient, elegant and durable making them the ideal additions to a luxurious lounge. (ncm)