Using timeless Design to counter the throw-away Mentality
von Daniel von Bernstorff | Sep 16, 2008

We are all familiar with the Finnish designer Alvar Aalto’s wonderfully organically curved vase he created in 1936 for the company whose long-standing tradition began in 1881 with a small glass factory in Iittala in southern Finland. Ever since, Iittala has remained faithful to its motto of using the best designers to create timeless, elegant and durable design. The repertoire is now wide, with designers such as Aalto’s wife Aino, Antonio Citterio, Alfredo Häberli, Renzo Piano, Eero Koivisto and many others having worked for Iittala.

In Germany the Finnish company has now opened a second store in Berlin after Hamburg. In a prominent location on Friedrichstrasse, almost on the corner of the magnificent Unter den Linden, anyone interested in design can now acquire the entire ranger of Iittala goods. The interior fittings are striking for their restrained, clear formal language, giving precedence to the products themselves. A prime example of the Scandinavian art of presentation: Simplicity and elegance without seeming cold.

The author, himself in no way a shopping-crazy character could nevertheless not resist buying something and is now the proud owner of two vases by Alvar Aalto, various kitchen utensils (who else can claim to own a coffee spoon by Renzo Piano, a sauté pan by Harri Koskinen and a bottle opener by Antonio Citterio) and a huge serving spoon likewise by Citterio – you can never have enough serving spoons!

Iittala Store Berlin
Friedrichstrasse 158-164
10117 Berlin