Fast, efficient and multifunctional: With the CombiSteamer V6000 45 Power Steam from V-Zug, it is possible to save half the cooking time – without the dishes losing quality or taste.

The secret lies in the combination of a combi-steamer and a high-end microwave: The "V6000" from V-Zug steams and bakes, while the inverter microwave constantly delivers the desired power. The hot air, steam and microwave modes can be used as separately as they are in parallel, each getting the best out of each heating technology for the cook. The result is precise, even and vitamin-preserving heating of the dishes without local overheating. Another practical feature is that the system automatically detects the size and shape of the food and adjusts the temperature and duration accordingly. Depending on requirements and kitchen design, the 90 cm wide CombiSteamer V6000 45L Grand can be used in addition to the classic CombiSteamer V6000. Two separate heating elements were specially developed for this oversized cooking chamber, which can easily hold two chicken side by side. If not only the performance but also the design is to shine, the Excellence Line is available in the mirror glass colours black and platinum. The operation is intuitive via the Circle Slider, which can also be used to select the Eco Mode. This mode saves energy, especially when preparing dishes with long cooking times. (am)

V-ZUG Steamer & Oven: Save energy with EcoMode (german)