Variable dividing wall system with an integrated organizing system
von | 3/6/2012

Concentration at work in a quiet environment is pretty difficult, especially in open-plan offices. Different tasks and routines call for different zones, such as quiet zones or meeting areas. These are easy to create using the "Lindner Logic 690" dividing wall system, for example. It provides modular and flexible dividing walls for a wide variety of different configurations and functional extensions.

Thanks to the integrated absorbers, the dividing walls (developed jointly by Lindner and Design Ballendat), are prime noise absorbers. The effective reduction of reverberation times enable people to work in a pleasant atmosphere. The wall system can be outfitted with perforated metal or wooden elements.

The simple, mechanical ganging system for the walls means they can be assembled with no tools required – by a single person. The walls come with adjustable feet ready fitted, with glides or castors, the system can be moved or slid elsewhere at any time. On request, the "Lindner Logic 690" can be equipped with an integrated organizing system to create more order in the workplace.

1. Advantage of "Lindner Logic": High noise absorption for pleasant acoustics in the office
3. Advantage of "Lindner Logic": A special ganging system makes connecting individual dividing wall elements utterly simple
Dividing wall system, "Lindner Logic", designed in collaboration with Martin Ballendat | Illustrations © Sebastian Reuthal, Stylepark
2. Advantage of "Lindner Logic": Visual protection for more privacy
4. Advantage of "Lindner Logic": Different integrated organizational elements are part of the system


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