Subway 3.0 with TwistFlush

Cleanliness meets sustainability

With its “TwistFlush” toilet flush and the touch-free “ProActive+” flushing system, Villeroy & Boch is offering sustainable technologies that ensure optimal hygiene and efficient use of water.

Futuristic technologies that turn a bathroom into a haven of wellbeing in every regard: With its “TwistFlush” toilet flush and the touch-free “ProActive+” flushing system, Villeroy & Boch presents two products to guarantee hygiene in the bathroom. Dirt and pathogenic germs are given no chance to settle with the “TwistFlush” technology, which uses the physical force of a controlled water swirl created by two jets to rinse virtually the entire internal surface of the WC. Thanks to the strong suction that forms in the conically shaped bowl, dirt is removed quickly and easily. What’s more, the CeramicPlus finish ensures that the water subsequently forms droplets and runs off into the drain before any unsightly limescale residues can form. The toilet brush is thus safely rendered obsolete, since the water swirl cleans the bowl thoroughly in one flush and also reduces the formation of aerosols as a side-effect. Spray from the toilet is likewise a thing of the past, since the water swirls quietly and effectively to the places where it is needed and no further. If the ceramic is also treated with Villeroy & Boch AntiBac, then bacterial growth is prevented almost entirely by nothing more than the functional surface. The highly efficient cleaning thus has nothing but advantages in relation to hygiene – each use of the toilet requires fewer flushes. The powerful water swirl also means that the volume of water used in each case is less than for conventional WCs, which generally use around six liters per flush, while the “TwistFlush” toilet uses 4.5 liters. Thus, a household of four people can effortlessly save a good 19,700 liters of water over the course of a year – so this sustainable solution also saves money.

Hygiene with style: "ProActive+" sensor-controlled actuator plate

For even greater hygiene, Villeroy & Boch have also launched its touch-free “ProActive+” flush system, which employs sensors so that a gentle wave of the hand is enough to trigger the flush. Less touching of surfaces also means a lower risk of germs being spread –a formula that offers a good basis for protecting people’s health particularly while the pandemic continues. At the same time, the system determines the volume of the flush based on the duration of use and thus helps to save unnecessary water entirely automatically. If the sensor is not triggered after use, the system itself releases the flush automatically. And if the toilet remains unused for a prolonged period, an integrated timer triggers the regular cleaning and thus prevents any build-up of limescale or bacteria in the stagnant water. Anyone who wants to can also control the system’s cleaning remotely by means of the Villeroy & Boch app. With this comprehensive solution, the “TwistFlush” technology and the touch-free “ProActive+” flush system are not only suitable for home use, but also benefit clinics, care homes, schools, nurseries or public toilet facilities, protecting the health of users and saving resources over the long term.

Villeroy & Boch: ProActive+ touch-free flushing system