Vitra presents the "Ampelphase 3: raumrot" exhibition
by Nancy Jehmlich | Aug 18, 2008

The "Ampelphase 3: raumrot" (Traffic-light phase 3: room red) was opened in the Vitra showroom in Frankfurt on Wednesday 13 August 2008. Five firms of architects and the architecture class of the Städelschule art academy present their personal installation showing their associations with room red. After ten initial meetings at which the subjects was decided and the room-red presentation platform created, they all worked separately on their own individual presentations.

The installation by the Turkali firm of architects, for example, increases in size with each visitor who takes an active part in the exhibition. Thus, there are 333 red questions on as many red wooden boards. When do you drink red wine? Who is on your red list? When do you go red? After the visitor has personalised his or her board with a white pen and an answer, it is placed on the "House of Cards", freely inspired by Ray and Charles Eames.
Sassan Philipp Haschemi & Associates risks an experiment and draws the real observer into a fictional picture hanging in a red room. Moreover, drivers passing the building are also part of the exhibition – for as long as the traffic lights take to change again. The exhibition is open until 6 September.

Vitra Showroom
Gutleutstrasse 89
Frankfurt am Main

eckertharms Architekten Innenarchitekten Wiesbaden
eckertharms Architekten Innenarchitekten Wiesbaden
Turkali Architekten Frankfurt
Städelschule Architecture Class Frankfurt
Turkali Architekten Frankfurt
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