What lodged in Ross Lovegrove`s mind:
Aug 17, 2014

Ever since photos stopped having to be developed, shooting images from the hip has become a kind of way of taking notes: It doesn’t get lost and can serve as proof or a source of inspiration for the memory. And can be taken using a Smartphone or digital camera. So we wanted to find out: What lodged in the minds of architects and designers while they browsed around this year’s Venice architecture Biennale, the Giardini, the Arsenale or the exhibitions in the city? We asked some of them to cast a glance at their photographed notes, choose six, and comment on their impressions.

oming a big issue today as interiors are dominated by hard reflective surfaces.
Stange viral resin forms within Petri Dishes at The Greek Pavillion. Something biological , something of an architectural grid , something experimental something from the lab snd something of a bioelectronic art form.
Oscar Niemeyers Brazillian Congress Building: Highly iconographic even in plan view as a model. Very inspiring subject within the context this years Biennale.
ms the nostalgic vision of the present!
at pace with a purposeful creative life
All photos © Ross Lovegrove