Where there is absence

„Hole“ von Kensaku Oshiro für Kristalia

Mar 29, 2016
Photos © Kristalia

Wirklich ein starkes Stück.

Born 1977 on the island of Okinawa, Kensaku Oshiro studied Design at Milan Polytechnic University. As regards his table for Kristalia the name says it all: the arresting feature of “Hole” is the unusual base that consists as it were of a large, gently sculpted oval hole. This highly striking base lends the table a certain Asian austerity and composure.
It is made of sheet metal in a special process involving numerous steps of die-casting and bending. On the iconic “Hole” rests a table top made either of laminate or solid wood. A table with a strong personality that automatically catches the eye. (tw)