With merry wishes
Dec 15, 2013

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is swiftly caught up in the busy bustling search for the perfect gifts for loved ones. For don’t we all know that it’s nicer to bring joy to others’ hearts than to receive gifts? And the Stylepark team is no exception. So despite all the hectic pre-Xmas stress what with baking cookies, decorating and drinking mold wine, we quietly put some thought into whether on the Big Day a trip to an exotic country, home-knitted oven gloves or a mobile pole-dance pole will bring the brightest gleam to the eye of …

United we might soon be able to swim in the Spree. So why not give someone a sponsorship for the project?!
is (almost) incomparable.
imply to be able to break out of the noise of everyday urban life.
s only €1,400!
at shelving unit would be the perfect place for a lovely, transparent presentation of her collection.
y with all the mess in a charming, functional and aesthetically appealing way.
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La Pavoni portafilter espresso machine

In fact, everyone should have a portafilter espresso machine at home. Down with fully automatic coffee machines!
Cell phone-sitting

I am giving a service, namely the full-day safekeeping of cell phones and computers, so that people can meet up with their loved ones “properly and in real life”.
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Ideal for Thai firepot. Because anyone can barbeque.
ing been left behind by your tour group on an island somewhere between Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands is simply priceless.
A Holy-to-go

Who wouldn’t like to always have their favorite saints with them?
An acupuncture session

Because it’s really not as painful as you think. And because the monk who does the acupuncture looks and smiles like the Dalai Lama.
e hidden below the ceiling within a few steps.
The ideal gift for anyone who has only little space and likes to sleep a lot!
Dance pole

Sexy, sporty and a lot of fun!
Bocci Serie 28 Colours

Let there be light, in color too…
A room with a view in Rio de Janeiro.
Little Sun by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottensen

Works brilliantly and it also helps a greater cause!
idn’t, why should it ever be too late? You need: friends, time and an old Vespa." target="_blank">
go on show at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne and at an exhibition in the context of the Passagen in a new edition made of brass.
empty desk and a mind as empty and free for new things as a blank sheet of paper.