With our feet firmly on the ground
von | Apr 1, 2009

Neil Armstrong was the first to touch the Moon's, and the Pope kisses it every time he visits a foreign country. By contrast, we seek to simply keep our own two feet on the ground, and then we will stand firm. After all "ground" not only features in all kinds of sayings and idioms and has numerous symbolic and metaphoric meanings, but there is also any number of types of flooring made from all kinds of materials and in virtually every conceivable pattern, color and structure.

In its exclusive "Flooring" edition, Stylepark has compiled the most important types of flooring for designing floor space in buildings.

In addition, in the picture gallery accompanying our "Flooring" feature we present a selection of current specials, products displaying extraordinary designs as well as surprising solutions for various areas of application.

To the Stylepark Material Edition - Flooring

S-049 Edition Chocolat by Ströhmann Steinkult
Glamour orange 021 by Trend
Spektra Prisma by Bolon
Sherbet Fizz Pink by InterfaceFLOR
Driftwood by Ben van Berkel for Parador
Lux 3000 6659 by Carsten Gollnick for Carpet Concept
Flatwool Simple 613 by Ruckstuhl
Special-leather flooring by Hagen von Jouanne
Design Line Connect-Scandinavian pine by Windmöller Flooring
Voulukivi by Eiffelgres
Concreed by Lennart Frank
Tiger Eiche violet by Mafi
Stone-Veneer® Floor by Richter Furniertechnik
Wave IQ by Longlife
Fresco Rombo Buche dark by Mafi
Parkett Craquelé by Nolte
Fire & Ice by Villeroy & Boch
Touch duet by Forbo
Perlon Rips pure by Anker
Aeras 7506 by Toucan-T