Visitor center Naturum Naturum Vattenriket in Kristianstad, Sweden by White Arkitekter.Photo © White Arkitekter
Wood with a future
May 17, 2016

The Architect@Work trade-fair format has emerged in recent years as one of the leading events for architecture and interior architecture – and established itself as a platform where architects and designers can together discuss current trends and exchange ideas and experiences. Under the heading of “architects meets innovations”, visitors to the Copenhagen edition will this year again be greeted by an extensive program of events: There will be innovative products, new projects and seminars with architects and designers.

In 2016, Stylepark has again teamed up with Architect@Work to invite you to attend a series of “A@W Lectures by Stylepark” in Copenhagen.

This year, the series will focus on sustainable and innovative aspects of architecture. Wood and timber as a sustainable construction material will be at the forefront of things. New exemplary ways of using wood will be presented and discussed in projects run by the invited architects.

Look forward to fruitful talks with experts and stimulating discussions in a pleasant lounge setting.


12 noon – Kasper Guldager Jensen, 3 XN GXN
In his talk on “Building a Circular Future”, architect Kasper Guldager Jensen explores the ecological and economic factors driving architecture. He focuses attention on the business models, principles and strategies for a more effective and innovative approach to building. Kasper Guldager Jensen is the founder of GXN, a project-based corporation that conducts research into sustainable materials and construction methods, and seeks to translate these into architectural realities.

2 p.m. – Jonas Sangberg, Polyform Arkitekter
Jonas Sangberg will talk on the subject of wood for residential construction. In particular the sustainable aspects of wood as a building material and the low energy balance for manufacturing, processing and recycling it all speak in favor of using wood for architecture – in particular as against concrete, the primary building material today.

4 p.m. – Frederik Pettersson, White Arkitekter
In his lecture Frederik Pettersson will discuss architectural interventions in sensitive natural habitats using the example of two projects by White Arkitekter. He believes the use of wood spells an opportunity to better integrate buildings into the context of the respective site. The question remains whether a coherent linkage of architecture and nature can be achieved in this way.

THURSDAY, MAY 26; 2016

12 noon – Kilian Kada, kadawittfeldarchitektur
One of the latest projects by Aachen-based kadawittfeldarchitektur is “Grimmwelt Kassel”. Located at the upper edge of the Karlsaue meadows in Kassel, the idea was to preserve the heritage park and at the same time create more public space. By enabling the entire roof area to be used as a patio, and a large staircase that runs the entire length of the building, the architecture is connected firmly to its surroundings and additional accessible space created.

2 p.m. - Daniel V. Hayden, Dissing+Weitling architecture
In the form of the “ECCO Hotel and Conference Center”, the architects at Dissing+ Weitling have created a holistic design for a building that hinges on using wood as the main material, a layout that ensures everything is close at hand, and an efficient use of space. Daniel V. Hayden will discuss the project and also analyze architecture’s values today and tomorrow.

4 p.m. – Mads Kaltoft, schmidt/hammer/lassen architects
What is wood good for? Taking as his example the New Hvidovre Hospital project, architect Mads Kalthoff will elaborate on the multisensory qualities of wood for interiors and the sustainable sides to using wood for façade construction.

“Forum Copenhagen”
Julius Thomsens Plads 1
1925 Frederiksberg

Date and opening hours
Architects@Work takes place on May 25-6, 2016.
The trade fair is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Anyone registering in advance by sending an email to will receive an invitation code that allows entrance to the trade fair free of charge. On the day, entrance costs 250 Danish kroner.

There will be ample fingerfood, sandwiches and beverages available in the Lounge Areas!

Stylepark is media partner of A@W

Kasper Guldager Jensen, architect and partner of 3XN and Director of GXN. Photo © 3XN
Jonas Sangberg, architect and partner of Polyform Arkitekter. Photo © Polyform Arkitekter
Close-up of the ECCO Hotel’s wooden façade by Dissing+Weitling architecture. Photo © Dissing+Weitling architecture
Science Museum and aquarium Naturum Kosterhavet in Ekenäs, Sweden by White Arkitekter.Photo © White Arkitekter
Market hall in Bergen, Norway by Polyform Arkitekter. Photo © Polyform Arkitekter
Mads Kaltoft, architect and partner by schmidt/hammer/lassen architects.
Photo © schmidt/hammer/lassen architects.
Daniel V. Hayden, architect and partner of Dissing+Weitling architecture.
Photo © White Arkitekter
Fredrik Pettersson, architect and partner of White Arkitekter. Photo © White Arkitekter
Kilian Kada, architect and partner of Polyform Arkitekter.
Photo © kadawittfeldarchitektur
Grimmwelt, Museum in Kassel by kadawittfeldarchitektur.
Photo © kadawittfeldarchitektur