Wooden novelties
by Nina Reetzke | Jun 29, 2012

Nicola Stattmann has long since made a name for herself among product designers. New materials and technologies formed the focal point of her final year university project, and in 2000 she published an edited version, entitled “Handbuch Material Technologie”. From her Frankfurt-based office, she now advises companies such as Dornbracht, Merten and Wilkhahn.

Yet to date few people have known that her family operates a joinery in Westphalia, with the fourth generation of family members now at the helm. In a joint venture with her brother Oliver she is now presenting the “Stattmann Neue Möbel Collection”. While Nicola Stattmann is responsible for art direction and materials, as a wood engineer and master carpenter Oliver Stattmann is in charge of production. The first chairs, tables, shelving and wardrobes designed by Marina Bautier, Florian Hauswirth, Steffen Kehrle and Sylvain Willenz are simple, but thought through down to the smallest detail. The “Profile Chair”, for example, is made of light tubing reinforced using natural fibers similar to that seen in sports equipment. Solid wood is only used to make the connecting elements, thus removing the need for metal reinforcements.

In the “Processing” section of the “Stattmann Neue Möbel” website visitors are afforded detailed insights into the respective production processes. Under “Handmade” they are told that each item of furniture is the outcome of between three and 11 hours of work. Under “CNC-Milling”, they discover that the connecting elements used for the “Profile Chair” were produced using a five-axis milling cutter. And in “Wood Glue” and “PUR Glue” the company emphasizes its objective to use as many sustainable materials as possible.

“Stattmann Neue Möbel” is due to go on sale in July 2012. Nicola and Oliver Stattmann have been working on the collection for two years now. And even before this, they had already been thinking about their own favorite items of furniture, about craftsmanship and mass production, about aesthetic solutions and the future of the family business. One thing is for sure: With this, their first collection, the Stattmanns are clearly showing that even a traditional material like wood still presents plenty of possibilities for development when it comes to furniture design.

”Profile Chair” by Sylvain Willenz, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
”Profile Chair” by Sylvain Willenz, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
Sylvain Willenz: “It is not my first chair, but my first real chair!“, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
The “Unit Shelf“ follows the principle of an assembly-kit, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
“Plug Shelf“ by Steffen Kehrle, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
Steffen Kehrle: “For a shelf like this you need craftspeople, who work precisely.“, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
The profiles of the “Frame Seat“ are inspired by shipbuilding, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
Florian Hauswirth: “I would like to further develop woodcraft.“, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
The ”Profile Chair” is light and stable, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
“Unit Shelf“ by Marina Bautier, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
Marina Bautier: “It is possible to build a wardrobe, a shelf or a desk out of it.“, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
The “Plug Shelf“ has diagonal pins, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
“Frame Seat“ by Florian Hauswirth, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
“Frame Seat“ is comfortable and still light, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel
Nicola and Oliver Stattmann, photo © Stattmann Neue Möbel