You need inspiration to build upwards – Stylepark Architecture
von Claudia Beckmann | Oct 27, 2009

For many years now, it has been Stylepark's mission to present key aspects and trends in contemporary design, to categorize them, and provide wide-ranging information on the related products, materials, processes and contexts. In addition to our "Design" and "Material" sections, which have both been great Stylepark successes, we are now introducing a new presentation section, namely Stylepark Architecture. In future, we will showcase high-quality and innovative products and systems from all areas of construction in the section - in a completely new combination of thematic presentation and database. The focus will primarily not be on the building as a whole, but on the products' and systems' creative and design potential.

While hitherto Stylepark has mainly been used as a platform for product searches and information, Stylepark Architecture starts at the beginning of the creative drafting process. We address the question of what design strategy a project pursues and outline for our users what products and architectural systems were necessary to realize it.

In order to cover the whole diverse array of creative design possibilities and methods, we will be highlighting them by means of selected focal themes. In this framework, we will present and discuss the individual solutions provided by renowned corporations. Products and systems will thus not be presented in isolation, but in the form of articles, essays and photo-spreads, that will then all be related to prime examples of discerning architecture.

We have developed special presentation formats in order to be able to do full justice to the specific properties and special qualities of the respective products. They shed light in different ways on the products' particular features and qualities. In this context, they spotlight technical aspects or the underlying creative process. In places, we opt for deliberate exaggeration or alienation in order to paint a clearer picture of specific properties and more sharply outline the details. Thus, the products' respective qualities are always presented in a precise formal context that supports the message they convey.

Stylepark Architecture can thus be used in many ways: At the design stage, the section offers any number of ideas that will be a great source of inspiration for architects. At the project development phase, Stylepark Architecture provides stylistic and aesthetic assistance in decision-making. And finally the section serves as a reliable, swift and simple source and resource research engine for products and architectural systems.

Stylepark Architecture not only melds architects' ideas and products by renowned manufacturers. It likewise generates a new creative domain arises, in which materials, architecture and design interact and users can see just how much can be achieved by combining good ideas, a prime aesthetic feel and sound technological solutions. Look forward to the surprises at Stylepark Architecture.

Kalzip 65.400 Agora Theatre, Netherlands Architect: UN Studio, Netherlands
Eternit Swisspearl Tiroler Goldschmied Filiale, Italy Architect: Höller & Klotzner Architekten, Italy
Casa da Musica, Portugal Architect: OMA, Rem Koolhaas, Netherlands Photo © Lena Billo, Stylepark
Rieder Concrete Skin Soccer City Stadion, South Africa Architect: Boogertman Urban Edge & Partners, South Africa
Ibstock Birtley Olde English Buff Mews House, Ireland Architekt: TAKAarchitects, Ireland Photo © Alice Clancy
Interpane Ipasol neutral One Coleman Street, England Architect: David Walker Architects, England
Rheinzink Special System pre-weathered-pro blue grey Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia Architect: Lab achitecture studio UK, Australia
Patrick Blanc Caixa Forum, Spain
NBK Keramik TERRART®-BAGUETTE Museum Brandhorst, Germany Architect: Sauerbruch & Hutton, Germany
Scholl Glas VSG with Side One Community Center, Germany Architect: Bauplanungsbüro Schröder, Germany
GKD Creative WEAVE Alu 6010 European Court of Justice, Luxembourg Architect: Dominique Perrault, Paris
Scholl Glas GEWE-safe® Baker Street in London, England Architekt: Make Architects, England
DuPont Corian Seeko’o Hotel, France Architect: King Kong Photo © Arthur Péquin
Belu Tec horizontal facade with folding shutter ZMMK, Germany Architekt: FaustConsult, Germany Photo © David Giebel, Stylepark
Ibstock Birtley Olde English Hair Salon Paul Stafford, England Architect: Jamison Architects, England
Petersen Tegl Kolumba K51 Kolumba Museum of Art, Germany Architect: Peter Zumthor, Basel, Switzerland Photo © David Giebel, Stylepark
NOE NOEplast Noppen-Struktur Gallery Uetikon, Switzerland
Dyckerhoff WEISS Weisses Haus, Germany Architect: Lederer + Ragnarsdóttir + Oei, Germany
Composites Guera Parklex Facade Alhambra Information points, Spain Architect: Francisco Martínez Manso & Rafael Soler Márquez
Ceramica Cumella Mercat de Santa Caterina, Spain Architect: Embt Arquitectes Associates SL, Spain
KME TECU® GOLD punch Cassettes switch+ Skulpturenpark Münster, Germany Architect: modulorbeat, Germany
Sky-Frame sliding window, Project Feldbalz