Your own four walls

„X-hus“ und „XS-hus“ von Studio 17

Sep 5, 2015
Photos © Studio17

Dieses Haus zum Spielen für Kinder ab einem Jahr lässt sich mühelos auf- und abbauen, kreativ gestalten und, wird es nicht gebraucht, an die Wand hängen.

Kids love houses, miniature ones that is. But let’s be honest, those carton or plastic play areas often take up more space in the apartment than the parents really want. And as regards design and colors, they often leave the kids little scope for the imagination. By contrast, Norwegian designers Christine Petersen and Anne F. Linnerud, who founded “Studio 17” in Oslo in 2013, have come up with simple and practically designed play houses (available in two sizes) that parents and children alike find a joy.

“X-hus” and “XS-hus” consist of untreated birchwood, and all surfaces are free of color or decoration. Which certainly encourages play and stimulates the imagination. The sides and roof are simply slotted into place, and can just as easily be taken apart again. If needed, all the parts can be hung on the wall to save space. Kids are in their element in these playhouses, and can design their own kingdoms – maybe as colorfully as Pippi Longstocking’s place. (uma)

Size (wxlxh):
X-Hus: 65x120x120 centimeters
XS-Hus: 65x65x120 centimeters