Modular and reliable

Lighting solutions to illuminate industrial facilities are challenging: Zumtobel provides an elegant yet efficient solution with flexible modular systems.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 11/27/2020

“Absolute reliability is fundamental for industrial lighting,” says Birthe Bittner, Lighting Application Expert for the Zumtobel Group. Light failure or maintenance work may result in disruptions to work something that is to be avoided at all costs. Depending on the industrial sector the lighting for such circumstances has to be able to withstand extreme conditions such as chemical vapors or fats that can be emitted by the machines. As regards clean rooms, it is vital to provide lighting solutions that place the focus on hygiene and simple cleaning. Given the broad range of differing industrial applications there cannot be a one size fits all lighting solution; rather what is needed is something that can be adjusted to the given requirements.

To cover the widely differing requirements for lighting solution in industrial production Zumtobel offers flexible products that correspond to a modular system. Like the continuous row lighting system “Tecton”, one of the leading products in the lighting specialist’s portfolio: The desired luminaires and system components can be positioned on a mounting plate to suit individual requirements and depending where light is needed. Other available components include sensors, loudspeakers and smart aids such as the “beacons” which can supplied directly with electricity. They can be used, for example, to analyze and optimize movements or for the transfer of data via Bluetooth. As adapting to these various requirements only means altering the technical modules of “Tecton”, the elegant appearance of this continuous-row system remains unchanged. For illuminating clean room technology Zumtobel also offers the luminaire “Clean II Industry” that protects against the entry of dust, water and steam and can also withstand alkaline solutions. To satisfy this requirement hardened mineral glass is used for the recessed and surface-mounted luminaires of the industrial line while there is a cover of acrylic glass.

Functional, modular and efficient, these are the three properties that all Zumtobel products have in common. Thanks to high-quality LEDs and smart control systems such as the “Luxmate Professional”, the energy consumption of lighting solutions can also be easily controlled. Specifically, the system responds to daylight and lighting intensity is regulated automatically. Industrial lighting by Zumtobel not only helps cut electricity costs; thanks to the innovative Tunable White technology people at work can be accompanied by light colors and intensities that are ideally adjusted to the daylight. Studies conducted by Zumtobel have proven that the high lighting quality of the intelligently controlled lighting solutions not only have a positive influence on productivity but also on employee wellbeing.

As a one-stop shop, Zumtobel also collaborates with architects and planners to determine which lighting solutions would be most suitable for any given project. “You might say we offer a care-free package from the first project discussion via the installation through to the after sales service,” says Bittner. Customized solutions can also be developed. Living proof of the flexibility of Zumtobel industrial lighting is to be found in the expanded production facility of Audi Hungary: Here the lighting solution extends to the entire factory building complex – from the production building to the paint shop, from the laboratory to the office and administration areas. Equipped with numerous features “Tecton” and “Clean” by Zumtobel provide the basis of the lighting concept and offer an even, color-fast light, even on large areas.

Tip: Zumtobel regularly offers free online webinars such as the current webinar series Industry Trialogue, which demonstrates in what ways people and technology might be networked in future work systems.