Flapflap chandelier

Product description

Sixteen years after designing the floor lamp FlapFlap, Constantin Wortmann has finally cracked it. In best FlapFlap tradition the new design also male a virtue of necessity by turning the power cord into the star. The five sweeping arms of the FlapFlap chandelier are bundled up in a central knot, as they would be in more classic models. But that's about everything FlapFlap has in common with a classic chandelier. In typical FlapFlap fashion the lampshades are clamped with two sturdy springs to the illumant an thus allow the shade to be adjusted in a variety of angles - a feature the emphasizes the effortlessness and nochanlance of the design.

5 x E14, LED, 6W, 400lm

Emission classA++ - E
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapeconic
Inspection seal /certificationCE
Pendant length3000 mm
Height530 mm
Diameter800 mm
Weight5 kg
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass II (protective isolation)
Fire prevention classesF
Materialpolycarbonate (PC)
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