Product description

The French designer Matali Crasset, for the first time among the designers of Nodus, presents a project with an extraordinary iconic value and a strong impact: the rug model Roots.
It is a woolen rug with 4 levels of height which give a complete three-

dimensional view to the representation of the roots of a centuries-old tree, symbolizing nature itself. The rug is 220 cm in diameter with parts that come out from the border, irregularly shaped and skilfully carved by hand. Twisted fringes are sewed to t

hose parts, made in cotton and dyed in the same color of the wool and in different lengths to emphasize their naturalness, which represent the capillaries of the roots. Roots is part of the Nodus-Limited Edition collection."

Colorsshades of green
shades of brown

NODUS, Italy

Matali Crasset

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