Biker's Rest bicycle stand

Stylepark-ID: 14.1475.00168
Categories: Urban spaceBike parks
Product description

Traffic lights are annoying to motorists and cyclists alike. From within the comfort of a car, waiting at a red light is a matter of keeping a foot on the brake, but for cyclists, it can be a delicate balancing act. Cyclists need to stay upright to quickly wheel out of the way of cars when the light turns green. This bollard gives cyclists a footrest to lean against and a handle to hold on to while waiting for the light to change. The metal mesh insert on the footrest provides a grip to push off from, while the handle helps the cyclist maintain an upright position and contact with the saddle. Crafted from tubular steel and extruded metal, the bollard coordinates well with most features in the urban landscape, including the traffic light itself.

Height 122 mm
Material steel
Colors black
shades of red
shades of blue
shades of green

Nola, Sweden