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Product description

Saturn is an bowl-shaped seating furniture in fiberglass, with a diameter up to 150 cm. Provides an easy floating impression. Can be ordered with a lid made of wood, fiberglass, plywood or plywood with leather interior with fabric. Only for indoor use. Saturn Mini is a smaller version with a diameter of 100 cm, also available with swivel function. Pandora can be used as a freestanding planter, or slotted into the centre of the base of Saturn where it is surrounded by an attachable surface that forms a seat-height bench. Both Saturn and Pandora can be used for planting – covered they can be used as seating.

Height 340 mm
Diameter 480 - 515 mm
Seat finish without upholstery
Backrest finish without backrest
Armrest finish without armrests
Colors shades of blue
shades of yellow
shades of green
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Nola, Sweden

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