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  • Camping chair
  • Camping chair
  • Camping chair
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Product description

The exclusive Camping series has been designed by Jesper K. Thomsen, and consists of chairs, table, stool and daybed in moulded beech wood. Camping is part of New Danish Modern - Normann Copenhagen's Danish furniture series, which combines traditional Danish crafts and manufacture with modern designs. The essence of Camping is its excellent craft that focuses on traditional cabinet making methods and finish. The inspiration behind the series is the idea of leisure and togetherness - values that are often associated with camping. Camping brings the enjoyment of camping indoors, and has added quality and character to the overdimensioned interpretation of the familiar furniture. Jesper K. Thomsen explains: "The archetypical traditional camping equipment has been my inspiration. The design has a recognition factor that brings the thoughts over to leisure and togetherness, that many think are typical of camping. I like the thought of bringing outdoor pursuits indoors or, perhaps more correctly, freedom into the living room. At the same time, the icon, camping furniture, has been refined in my interpretation. Against all odds, I have been successful in making chairs and the daybed without frames beneath the seat, which makes part of its unique expression." Camping has a light and airy design, in which the moulded pieces interact in a strong and uniform construction. The series bears witness to skilled craft and good materials - quite simply. This is furniture that will be handed down through the generations.

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Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Jesper K. Thomsen