Butterfly wall lamp

Product description

Butterfly is a small wall lamp designed in 1964 for Høvik Lys and later produced by Arnold Vik, Norway. In 2008 Northern Lighting decided to relaunch this Norwegian design treasure. Its uniquness lies in the combination of simplicity of form and its we

ll preserved indirect method of exposing light, creating a bright and yet warm atmosphere. It looks simple, but is elegant and decorative as a single item, and is even more so when several are combined in vertical or horizontal groups.

"Butterfly" a

shining philosophy around white wings
Woven into a connecting body a brightness that melts into the eye
glittering without glitter
Flying without flight
Living without life
Just as plain as that
Simple simplicity


e27. max. 60 W
220v-240v ˜ 50HZ

Width200 mm
Height210 mm
Depth100 mm
Weight105 kg
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Northern, Norway