Lys 434 / 434/L

Lys 434 / 434/L
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Product description

Of all the types of lighting, the “fl oor lamp” is today perhaps the one in greatest diffi culty. The undoubted revival of the central lighting point on the ceiling and the consequent proliferation of chandeliers has reduced it to a marginal role compared

to the glories of the ’60s and ’70s. Daniele Ruzza and Silvana Angeletti seem to fi nd their starting point in this refl ection and, in designing Lys, make specifi c reference to that extraordinary moment of Italian lighting design. The moment of the gre

at masters: Joe Colombo, the Castiglioni brothers, Gino Sarfatti. That is how Lys rejects the excess materials and colours of contemporary fl oor lamps, sometimes sculptures, sometimes monsters, to return to a sophisticated, contained elegance. Slender on

a tripod, equipped with a trumpet-shaped head, it characterises the space without getting in the way. Also available in the traditional halogen version, it is enhanced by a brand new LED version: fi nally, the new sources, with dimmable mains voltage, ar

e also used on the fl oor lamps, with fl awless light output and extraordinary durability. The two versions are distinguished by a methacrylate disc which, resting on top in the LED model, draws a circle of light, a small halo.

The previous product

also comes in the suspended Lys version, which on one hand takes advantage of the great elegance of the design of the head, and on the other the considerable lighting power in relation to the contained dimensions in terms of volume.


1 x max 75W (E27)

LED 13W 220V

Height360 mm
Diameter180 mm
Colorsshades of grey
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Oluce, Italy