Pill-low 219

Product description

Outdoors and indoors are no longer treated as separate worlds in contemporary design but as one continuous space: indoor areas flow easily outdoors; comfortable, lightweight furniture moves out of the living room onto the patio or into the garden. This

is where "Pill-low" comes in: a lamp that can also be used outdoors, covered in a special mesh fabric that creates a "domestic" look, a far cry from the technological harshness of traditional outdoor fittings. Not only an unusual "textile" light obje

ct, because "Pill-low" does not object to being used as seating.

Outdoor/indoor lamp giving diffused light in white polyethylene with cover in outdoor washable fabric.


1 x max 25W (E27) Fluo

Width570 mm
Height320 mm
Depth570 mm

Oluce, Italy

Francesco Rota