Hotel du Département, Marseille

Hotel du Département, Marseille
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Product description

The Vertical Garden, known as Le Mur Végétal in French, was conceived after many observations i natural enviroments. The Vertical Garden relies on a new way to grow plants without any soil. Since its weight is very light, it is possible to set up the V

ertical Garden on any wall, whatever it size. The Vertical Garden can be implemented outdoor or indoor, in any climatic enviroment. The plant species selection is mainly set according to the prevailing climatic conditions. For indoor location, an artifici

al lighting is usually required. Watering and fertilisation are automated. The Vertical Garden acts as a phonic and thermic isolation system. It is also a air purification device.

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Designer: Patrick Blanc

Colorsshades of green

Patrick Blanc Vertical Garden, Germany

Patrick Blanc