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The design of Penrose Wooden Flooring is based on a composition of flowing movements, rotations and a perception of depth. Each pattern unfolds its own beauty: open fans in teak, three-dimensional cubes in wenge, crystalline flowers in oak - like a puzzle

the laser cut wooden pieces are handpicked and combined according to their grain. Precise CAD allows every pattern to be produced in any size according to the proportions of a room. Penrose wooden floors open up unprecedented possibilities in interior de

sign. Thus day by day individual wooden floors of the »Penrose Wooden Flooring family« can be created.

The name of Penrose Wooden Flooring, founded in 2002, pays homage to Sir Roger Penrose, the explorer of crystalline structures and discoverer of orga

nic rotation symmetries which also fascinate the makers of these wooden floors. The founder of the enterprise, Richard Sand, finally combined his ingenious ideas and his craftsmanship with a new process of manufacturing. Precise laser technology allows th

e size of the elements of a pattern to be chosen individually. Penrose floors consist of eight-millimetre solid wood on distortion-proof fibreglass fleece or on a multilayer carrier board. The parquet patterns are delivered in practical packs ready to be

laid. The precious woods in many variations are FSC certified. For surface treatment only tested, environmentally friendly materials are used.

Penrose Wooden Flooring sets new standards of aesthetics in private rooms and is also ideal for heavily

frequented rooms such as hotel foyers or to underline the elegance of a yacht.

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