Doorstop TSB30-24

Doorstop TSB30-24
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Product description

Doorstop made of stainless steel for floor installation are an integral part of the interior planning, but often form under the door hardware a veritable shadow existence as a simple 08/15 solutions. Our door stoppers are clear in design, equipped massive and with a high quality and damping ring made of Viton. They begin the weight of the doors reliably. The lighter models with a hanger bolt or fastening sleeve solidly bolted to the floor. Freely positioned and equipped with an anti-slip coating on the underside, the variants with 90mm diameter, weighing from 2.3 kg are. And if you have a door stop with a higher weight or other measurements, we can run this as a special request.

Height24 mm
Diameter30 - 34 mm

PHOS, Germany