Doorstop TSB90-75

Doorstop TSB90-75
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Product description

Doorstop made of stainless steel (CNS) without mounting are the alternative to the bottom door stoppers, which are bolted to the floor with underfloor heating and sensitive floor coverings. The door stopper be positioned either behind a door to the wall or in front of a door in the function as door checks. We offer a series with Ø 90 mm between 1.5 kg and 3 cm height up to 7.2 kg, and 14.5 cm high. So heavy doors can be kept, slowed or stopped reliably even. This also applies to balcony doors, patio doors or doors with a high door gap. Even glass doors can be reliably held. The door stoppers are suitable for wood floors, tile, stone, laminate, PVC flooring or carpets. A non-slip rubber mat cell ensures a secure grip.

Height75 mm
Diameter90 - 105 mm
Weight3.7 kg

PHOS, Germany