Product description

Ex-Libris is a precious glass cabinet at the sight and touch as well, designed to range and display rich collections. The self-standing structure consists of black painted uprights and melamine base unit and top in “carbone” oak. Side panels are in transparent or “smoke” glass while shelves are in extra-light transparent glass. Back panels are in melamine “carbone” oak or in transparent or “smoke” glass. The composition is closed with the “Iron” doors in transparent or “smoke” glass, with a metal profile painted in iron. To light up the composition it is possible to place on the top 1 or 2 spots each module.

Width 1026 mm / 1226 mm / 2026 mm / 2426 mm / 3026 mm / 3626 mm / 4026 mm / 4826 mm
Height 2288 mm
Depth 500 mm
Cupboard front finish swinging double door frontage
Material glass (unspecified)
Colors black

Porro, Italy

Piero Lissoni

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for Ex-Libris

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Ex-Libris data sheet

by Porro

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