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The Metallico table is characterized by the lightness of top and legs, made of aluminium sheet, 12 mm thick. The solid aluminium gives to this essential project with delicate aesthetics but materially consistent as well, solidity and lightness, besides being ecological. Available in rectangular and square versions, it can also be customized. Suitable for living and meeting rooms as well, it is available in black or white finishings. The particular finishing, velvet like at the touch and aestetically precious is obtained by a catalysed painting, high thickness and by following stages of polishing and waxing by hand, giving its extraordinary material effect. Available also in burnished brass and in outdoor version, white or black finish.

Width 2480 mm / 2980 mm / 1480 mm / 1980 mm
Height 730 mm
Depth 980 mm / 1480 mm / 1980 mm
Table finish four-legged table
Table top shape rectangular
Material aluminium
Colors black
shades of orange

Porro, Italy

Piero Lissoni

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by Porro

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