CRYSTALLINE top container

CRYSTALLINE top container
Product description

What has always been important to Hariri & Hariri is a mindset of continuous, holistic creativity and innovation to create memorable experiences, moments and structures. This Crystalline Collection offers a new outlook towards the most utilitarian, steril

e, sanitary products & space in architecture-Bathrooms. With its intimate relationship to our bodies, bathrooms can be at once clean & glamorous. This collection like Jewelry becomes an accessory for the bathroom architecture. This collection conceptually

simulates nature that is in all things; rock formations, crystals and geological compositions. Each piece is sculpted as if it’s a piece of rock chiseled from the mountain. Crystalline- Bath Collection is the continuation of our fascination with Nonlinea

r Architecture, fractured planes, twists and folds-a language in-tune with an unfolding nature and natural formations that are not rigid nor are curvilinear in geometry but are sensuous, facetted and irregular like a crystal or a gemstone.

Width 895 mm
Height 550 mm
Depth 110 mm
Colors white

Rapsel, Italy

Hariri & Hariri