White Oak

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Product description

Taking its inspiration from oak wood, this has a soft, velvety texture and comes in six colours, selected with high-class precision to remind us of the light atmospheres of the sea and the warm colours of uncontaminated forests, where nature’s imperfectio

ns turn into a perfect harmony of tones and shades.
Rex has chosen a new style: the surface, strongly reminiscent of the natural world and bringing with it a wealth of delightful features, has been selected to blend into spaces and objects from past t

imes mixed with new suggestions for architecture and furnishings. Relaxing simplicity and an essential aesthetic quality are able to create a dialogue with the atmospheres of the home and the charms of nature.

Length900 mm / 1200 mm / 1800 mm
Width150 mm / 200 mm / 265 mm
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Rex, Italy