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Product description

The square and diamond rhombuses form the group RHEINZINK small rhombuses. In contrast to plates or shingles with a similar optical effect, they have tilt-outs on the upper side and tilt-backs underneath, in the form of simple seams. They can be produc

ed either manually or industrially and their small format ensures safe and convincing solutions even for complex buildings. Nearly all curves can be covered with no problem. Thus, the classic uses of small rhombuses include covering of gables, chimney top

s and roof edges. A further development from the diamond and square rhombuses is the RHEINZINK large rhombus. With a distinct, large visible/cover surface, their primary application is in the area of large surface façades. Yes, RHEINZINK large rhombuses a

re also becoming more and more popular as an alternative roof cover. Alongside the construction advantages, their visual presence here is particularly impressive.

All pictures: Haus der Presse, Berlin, Germany

Architect: Jo. Franzke, Architekten BDA, Frankfurt, Germany

Length3000 m
Width333 - 600 cm
Formplain (closed)
Colorsshades of grey
shades of blue
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Rheinzink, Germany