Serif shower head

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Product description

Serif like the serif of types, a detail defining the outline of letters. It is a clear mark, studied with great attention that becomes a formal and cultural reference for our Serif, a new tap collection dedicatedto the bathroom. Inspired and designed with

the curves of Times New Roman, Serif is the result of the same attention to details and to the balance research. The serif itself becomes a decorative element to refine its shapes, putting elegance and the lightness of decoration together with the force

and the solemnity of volumes. A sophisticated style, inspired by the past and art deco, which revitalizes and reconsiders from a modern point of view some traditional lines.
It is a bridge between classic and contemporary style:
the Serif col

lection has an elegant and exclusive character, it becomes a furniture element, a reflection of luxury made evident.

Type of construction of fittings wall version
Assembly mode one hole
Material metals
Colors chrome
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Ritmonio, Italy

Peter Jamieson