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Presented:imm cologne 2010, Cologne
Categories: Garden furnishingsOutdoor tables
Product description

This table is made of “ancient swamp KAURI” from New Zealand, wood that has lain buried in the earth for thousands of years. This wood may vary in age from 7,000 to 50,000 years old. The special character of the mud in which this wood has been buried and

the lack of oxygen in the soil have meant that no fossilization has taken place and the wood remains splendid and in tact still today, as if it had just been cut. We would like to inform our Customers that the product they are about to acquire cannot be

compared to a “normal” wooden table. Rather it should be considered as something extraordinary, unique and inimitable: a genuine work of art created by the hand of Nature.

Length7100 mm
Width1800 mm
Weight210000 kg
Table top shaperectangular

RIVA 1920, Italy

Studio Piano