Libero Banco

Product description

The LIBERO_Banco Kitchen is available in solid teak and stainless steel.
A truly professional kitchen for your own home. A highly versatile "freestanding" context thanks to the use of electrical appliances of the Libero di Dito Electrolux

professional line, giving you the possibility of switching their positions and their hot/cold function.
LIBERO_BANCO is made up of an island, top, TABLE and larder.

The island, in solid teak and stainless steel, makes it possible to cook

in the company of guests, using any of the following appliances:
Induction top
Infra-red top
Induction wok
Chrome fry-top
Hot-Cold plate
Infra-red sandwich grill

LIBERO_BANCO in solid teak and stainless steel allo

ws you to cook even out-of-doors, on the patio, in the garden, and in all those places where there is no access to gas but only electricity.
LIBERO_BANCO is composed of an island, top, table and larder.

The stainless steel top, available a

lso with a solid teak sink unit, is shown here placed on a table, itself in solid teak. The composition can easily be integrated with various domestic appliances "Electrolux Professional" (these too, surface-mounted). This is a practical solutio

n making it possible to cook, grill and keep food at a constant temperature, whether hot or cold, giving your food preparation that extra flexibility: whether it is pasta or sushi, grilled meet or a cold buffet.
Model available also on custom size.

stainless steel
Colorsshades of brown

RIVA 1920, Italy

Terry Dwan

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