Golden Stripes

Presented:Salone del Mobile 2010, Milan
Categories: Floors CarpetsFormated carpets
Product description

In selecting felt for her Red Flower and Golden Stripes carpets, she has chosen a distinctly simple starting material. As a result, the powerful drawings which she has applied to the felt, and to which she has afforded lasting protection with a coat of tr

ansparent synthetic resin, have an even greater impact, making this simple floor covering into a work of art. For Sorigue, the ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with high-tech processes was a significant part of the appeal of producing these de

signs for Ruckstuhl. The similarities in style to Art Deco and the lacquer work so popular at this time can certainly be seen as an homage to a great epoch in Parisian arts and crafts.


Ruckstuhl, Switzerland

Céline Sorigue