Depot X

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Product description

Depot X roller container / roller table, made of solid oak or nut wood, maple or nut multiply or multiply covered with a white layer. You can choose from three different versions of the roller container: Basic version: The lower shelf is suitable for f

iles. The shelf above has two sections. The front section is devided by an aluminium board into two subdivisions. The space behind is accessible from the top and has a height of 24 cm. You can use it for files, office folders, bottles, etc. this furniture

is versatile, f. ex. in lounges, offices, bathrooms, etc. in this version there is a drawer with ball bearing above the lower shelf and then an aluminium board half accesible from the front and half accesible from the top. In the lower shelf there is spa

ce for eight files. There is an additional drawer with ball bearing in the lower level otherwise like version. There are three versions of depot x as roller table as well: Basic version with four openings on the sides for access to the storage level under

the top. One additional wooden board with one drawer gliding on the additional board.

Length610 mm
Width610 mm / 400 mm
Height440 mm / 650 mm
Table finishwith wheels
Table top shaperectangular
nut wood
Colorsshades of brown

Sanktjohanser, Germany