Brown White Stripes Isar Diamond Ring

Brown White Stripes Isar Diamond Ring
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Product description

ISAR is a very personal project. A few meters from Saskia Diez´ Atelier in Munich runs the Isar. At its banks the stones for these pieces were found. They are cut and polished in a company that works on precious stones. The colors vary within shades of

white, beige, grey to almost black, with more or less pattern. Every piece is unique and a pair of cufflinks originates from the same stone.Take care! Stone is a natural material and can break if it falls down or hits hard surfaces. Like every other j

ewelry, please keep the pieces away from acids, fierce cleaning supplies etc. and store protected from hard materials to prevent from scratching.

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Material silver
stone (unspecified)
Colors silver

Saskia Diez, Germany

Saskia Diez