GEWE-dur® / GEWE-tvg®

Product description

The SCHOLLGLAS group produces GEWE-dur® high-grade toughened safety glass in modern furnaces in accordance with EN 12150 and ESG GEWE-dur ®-H in accordance with EN 14179. This is done at several production sites in Europe and as such the company is always

in the position to offer its customers optimum value for money for any kind of application. The applications and uses for GEWE-dur® / GEWE-dur®-H range from interior glass applications, e.g. glass furniture, doors, showers, room dividers, to external se

curity applications, such as allglass facades, roofs and window glazing. In addition, specific areas with large thermal loads are covered. In a further production step, GEWE-dur® / GEWE-dur®-H is also processed to become laminated safety glass, heat or su

n protection glass, alarm glass and insulation glass. Information about the variety of tempered coatings for float glass and further technical details are available on request from our technical support team.

All pictures: railway

station Strasbourg, France
Architect: Jean-Marie Duthilleul (AREP), Paris, France

Length800 m / 4470 m
Width1330 m / 1690 m
Diameter5 - 19 mm
Formplain (closed)

Scholl Glas, Germany

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