GEWE-safe® glass shingles

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Product description

Laminated safety glass represents a high level of safety, versatile functionality in the most various of application areas and simultaneously retains the aesthetic visual appearance of the glass. GEWE-safe® provides the solution to many architectural chal

lenges. The GEWE-safe® laminated safety glass consists of two or more panes of glass complete with intermediate layers manufactured from highly tear-proof, clear transparent polyvinyl butyral films (PVB). The glass and the films are bonded into an insepar

able unit in an autoclave at high temperature and with high levels of pressure (EN 12543). In the event that the glass breaks, almost all of the broken fragments would adhere to the PVB films and the panes remain in the frame as a complete unit. In order

to prevent chips or fragments to fall of in the event of breakage, the façade glazing is increasingly manufactured from laminated safety glass. The GEWE-safe® can even be used for point-retained glazing systems – usually comprising of tempered panes of g


All pictures: Baker Street in London, England
Architect: Make Architects, London, UK

Diameter18 mm
Formplain (closed)
Typedual-skin facades
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Scholl Glas, Germany

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