GEWE-therm® sun with Suncool HP 70/40

Product description

In order to create a coherent expression and interlink the buildings, AART architects and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers has developed a sophisticated façade construction of steel, glass and aluminium based on triangles in different geometric expressio

ns where all design elements are designed individually.
The characteristic feature of the Culture Yard is, in fact, the transparent façade that enclose the old shipbuilding yard and gives a glimpse of the historic buildings. The façade gives the Cultur

e Yard an intriguing identity where the distinctive steel elements of the construction are used as a reference to the area's original function as a shipyard.

Furthermore, the façade has an environmentally friendly function, as the south facing part

s of the façade is covered with perforated aluminium plates that provide shade during the day. In this way, the perforated aluminium plates ensure a healthy indoor climate and reduce the energy demand for cooling.
To avoid the sunlight overheating the

light-flooded foyer and glass corridors, AART architects, Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers and the window manufacturer SCHOLLGLAS have also installed approx. 4.700m² of GEWE-therm® sun solar protection glass in various formats.

The Cave a

nd the Pyramid
The Cave and the Pyramid are examples of how the design, function and construction form a whole. The Cave is designed as a hanging auditorium that protrudes 15 meters out of the building above the main entrance, thus providing

a dramatic effect and, at the same time, a protective roof above the guests when they arrive at the Culture Yard. The Pyramid protrudes 9 meters out of the eastern building and is an extension of the architectonic lines of the façade. The
extension of

lines forms a horizontal pyramid shape, resulting in the name the Pyramid.

Throughout the project, it has been a major engineering challenge to ensure the bearing capacity and stability of the cantilevered elements without using pillars that reduc

e the free passageway in the light-flooded foyer and glass corridors.
Regarding the design of the Cave, the problem has been solved by developing and integrating two vast V-shaped steel frames that carry each side of the cantilevered auditorium. One of

the steel frames has been particularly complex to design, as it is built into an existing building.
Regarding the design of the Pyramid, AART architects and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers has developed a triangular steel lattice structure that foll

ows the façade's aesthetic expression. The Pyramid is anchored to the building by a fixed support from a similar construction on the building's gable.

3D modelling
All the design elements are based on several engineering calcula

tions, and the Culture Yard has throughout the development process been modelled and refined by using advanced 3D engineering and design software. Only in this way, AART architects and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers have been able to optimise the build

ing and fulfil the original architectural vision without
compromising the bearing capacity.
The entire building has thus been designed and modelled in 3D, which during the planning process has been essential for the design of the many unique assembl

ies and components. Furthermore, the highly complex assemblies have been printed on a 3D printer to ensure the best possible basis for the tradesmen to do their job during the construction phase.

Nominated for international award

r>Thanks to the daring façade of glass, steel and aluminium, the Culture Yard has been nominated in two categories for the Structural Awards 2011, one of the world's most prestigious engineering awards. The Culture Yard is nominated in the category "Art o

r Entertainment Structure" and in the category "Commercial or Retail Structures". The Structural Awards ceremony takes place on 18 November 2011 in London.

All images: The Culture yard, Helsingør/DK - Photo credits: A

dam Mørk
Architect: DAART architects, Aarhus/DK
Description: DAART architects, Aarhus/DK


Formplain (closed)
Typedual-skin facades
PropertiesUV radiation filtering

Scholl Glas, Germany