GEWE-tvg® with GEWE-point® fixing

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Product description

GEWE-tvg ® is manufactured through heating the glass in a targeted way and through controlled cooling. The mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance lies between the values relating to float glass and ESG. As laminated safety glass, GEWE-tvg ® is u

sed in instances where the strength and the temperature resistance of float glass is not enough and where ESG, because of its delicate fragmentation when shattered, does not provide the required level of protection. Semi-tempered glass cannot be further p

rocessed after manufacture.
For this reason, GEWE-tvg ® is the ideal product for further processing into laminated safety glass. In this combination, a safety glass is created for strengthening, partition walls, point-glazing and overhead glazing, whi

ch combines above all, constructive safety features with active and passive safety features in an optimally manufactured product.

All pictures: Landeszentralbank Chemnitz, Germany
Architect: Josep Lluís, MAP Arquitectos SL, Barcelona, Spain

Length1850 m
Width1050 m
Diameter18 mm
Formplain (closed)

Scholl Glas, Germany

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