AMIRAN® non-reflecting glass

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Product description

AMIRAN® is an optical interference anti-reflective glass, dip-coated on both sides with a residual reflection of approximately 1%. AMIRAN® offers excellent viewing for prestigious lobbies, showrooms, display windows, panorama restaurants, sports stadiums and many other areas.
The Chicago skyline with the famous Sears Tower from the year 1974 ranks among the world’s most impressive sky scraper silhouettes. The 199 meter tall „UBS-Tower“, also known as „One North Wacker“, is one of the more important sky scrapers that have been completed here. The glass and steel construction inside the 12-meter high lobby area that was realized in this manner for the first time ever in the United States is one striking architectural detail of the impressive new building. To achieve an appearance that is as transparent as possible, without any annoying support structures, a total of 360 individual panes of glass are fixed in a network of cables. The innovative construction provides a relatively transparent glass curtain.


SCHOTT, Germany

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