SE 8008 LM

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Product description

SieMatic SE 8008 LM kitchen series ushers in new ambiance.
The collection's elegant furniture-style components lend a living room personality and redefine traditional utilitarian kitchen mood. Sleek and contemporary in style, the SE 8008 LM from SieM

atic's Modern Classics collection transforms the kitchen into a warm and inviting living space while not compromising functionalism. Presence of family and friends during meal preparation in the SE 8008 LM Modern Classics kitchen brings an entirely new at

mosphere to the kitchen. The forward-thinking design arrangement complete with accessory accompaniments and an interesting study in material contrasts break down the traditional barrier that separates the kitchen from rooms in the house where time is bett

er spent.

Cupboard front finishwith drawers
Colorsshades of grey

SieMatic, Germany

SieMatic Design