Stylepark-ID: 05.2009.00006
Categories: KitchenKitchen furnitureFitted kitchens
Product description

Reductionist aesthetics: SieMatic SL.
Its clear design opens up a new space for furnishing. It allows for generous plans even in small areas and makes it possible to integrate the kitchen into the living space. Furthermore, it brings out the essentia

l – the superior quality of the material and the perfection of its workmanship. The style of this kitchen programme is one of rigorously detached elegance: a striking design of clear surfaces and lines, without superficial decorative elements and or

namental frills, even entirely without handles and knobs. The handle recess sets distinctive marks: never interrupted by cupboard elements, it underscores the SieMatic SL’s strict lines.

Cupboard front finish with drawers
Functions extendable
Material wood
glass (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of yellow
shades of brown

SieMatic, Germany

SieMatic Design