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Product description

Pure elegance, upstanding and light. GATE simply cannot be ignored within the context of interior design: a fireplace of decidedly elegant proportions. So where does this remarkable lightness stem from? The combustion chamber is suspended to float in the matt, anthracite-coated steel plate. Noticeably large, vertical glass panes and the brightly gleaming accents of the handles and levers in matt brushed stainless steel provide a contrast in the drama played out between materials and colours.
Of course, where to store the fuel for burning is part of the architectural living room concept for this fireplace. The sculptural idea is rounded off by the log holder with its identical proportions and design mirroring the outside of the stove. The spacious chamber provides a safe location for the logs either to the right or left of the fireplace.

Skantherm, Germany

Carsten Gollnick