DS 2010 Video, with receiver

Product description

The DS2010 series is the new basic product from SKS for the audio and video range. The series has a discreet, long-lasting appearance, fully in line with the principles of universal design, without sacrificing emotionality and its contemporary feel.

s controls are concentrated and arranged in a central control element. The intercom function is accentuated with an illu¬minated ring.
The receiver model for the new DS2010 series can easily be used by any age group thanks to its ergonomic receiver whi

ch is held on the unit by a magnet.

• Compatible with the tried and tested SKS BUS system
• One-man installation and programming
• Incoming call status via illuminated LED ring
• Potential free switching function via switch ac

tuator article number 4507 (without additional wires)
• Optional parallel wiring for up to 4 internal stations
• Ring tone mute
• 8 front door and 4 floor tones
• Ring tone volume with 5 levels can be set via centre key
• Sur


Width90 mm
Height275 mm
Depth45 mm

SKS-Kinkel, Germany

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