SKS door station

  • SKS door station
  • SKS door station
  • SKS door station
  • SKS door station
  • SKS door station
Product description

SKS door stations are fitted with easy-to-mount retention straps; hinges or special locks are also available on request. In our pre-wired door stations, microswitches are located on a PCB behind the stainless steel push button. This makes it impossible fo

r wires to snap when opening the door station. As an inexpensive alternative, we can offer you stainless steel screw contacts without pre-wiring.

The enclosures for the door stations are available in the following variants:
• Flush-mount 45 m

m enclosure depth. SKS recommends the variant with angled frame to protect the plaster when opening the panel
• Surface-mounting 30 mm enclosure depth (58 mm enclosure depth can also be installed on request)
• Surface-mounting sets for up to 1

2 dwellings with an 18 mm enclosure depth (available in Bus or 1+n technology)
• With base opening, 62 mm enclosure depth (for installation in door side section)

SKS-Kinkel, Germany